Pre-Order FAQs

What is a Pre-Order?

  • A pre-order is an order placed for an item which has not yet been released. This way, you will be guaranteed to get the toy on your list when the manufacturer releases it (as long as you ordered it on or before the set deadline).

 What is an Arrival Date (ETA)?

  • An arrival date (a.k.a. Estimated Time of Arrival) is the estimated date of arrival of the item. Please note that this is only an estimate. It may arrive early, it may arrive late. These will depend on the manufacturer and/or our shipping agent.

 What is a Minimum Deposit?

  • A minimum deposit (a.k.a. Reservation fee/Downpayment) is the amount set for each item which you will have to pay to assure us that you are sincere in purchasing the item by the time it is released. Deposits are DEDUCTIBLE from the pre-order price. 

 When do I pay for the balance?

  • You pay for the remaining balance upon claim of your item. Customer should claim his/her item within the following time frame:
    • 2 days - If customer did not pay the minimum deposit, he/she should claim it within 2 days after item's arrival (i.e., Item arrives Monday, customer should claim on or before Wednesday)
    • 15 days - If customer paid the minimum deposit, he/she should claim it within 15 days after item's arrival (i.e., Item arrives on January 2nd, he/she should claim it on or before January 17th)
  • If this is not met, your deposit will be FORFEITED and you will not be allowed to place new pre-orders from us again on installment basis. (This means you have to pay in FULL if you would like to pre-order/order from us again. Discount will apply.) Also, if you are not able to pay, your slot for that particular item will also be offered to other buyers accordingly.

 How much is the minimum deposit?

  • If the item is not released yet, (1) 25% is needed to confirm your order. (2) The remaining 75% may be paid upon claim of item.
  • If the item is with our sources already, full payment is needed to confirm your order.

 Can I make a deposit higher than the Minimum?

  • Of course! You can make a deposit of any amount as long as it is at least the minimum.

 Can I pay the full amount?

  • Most certainly! But the arrival date would be the same. We do not have control over these dates.

 Can I get a discount?

  • We give 10% discount to items that are on regular pre-order. Please place your order early to avail the said discount.
  • If you place an order for an item on its ETA month, discount will not apply even if you pay in full.
I live outside the Philippines. Can I order?
  • Most certainly! Please email us first to know how much the shipping cost will be. Please note that the shipping fee might be high depending on your location.
How do I pay?

Questions? Please let us know by sending an email to We'll answer your queries as soon as possible. Thank you!